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Investor's Club Portfolio Performances:

Average Investor's Club Recommendations have Returned Over 475.0% since December 2018.

Active members:
“1672 traders in the group“

Last trading operations:
“Asset: Amazon Stock, average profits: 45,494%“
“Asset: Netflix Stock, average profits: 68,073%“
“Asset: USD/Gold, average profits: 38,073%“

Next trading operations:
Message from admin member: Edward S.     “Contact this member”
“Dear members, the next operations will be on earnings calendar, JP Morgan and Bank of America ( to be confirm) Check your emails notifications to apply on 10/17/2020 and 10/20/2020“

Message from admin member: Gerard M.     “Contact this member”

Message from admin member: Francois G.     “Contact this member”
“Dear members, upcoming trading signals on ETC/BTC and EUR/JPY, check your notifications on 10/19/2020 from 9.30 am GMT +1“

What is FXT Investor's Club?
Our investment club is a group of profitable individuals Traders who gather together to invest in the stock market.

How does it work?
Only private members can access the Club and receive tradings tips from the most profitable members-investors. Usually every members follow the recommendations of the top ranked traders from the Club (with admin status).

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